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Assalamualaikum & Annyeonghaseyo
So, hari ni, admins nak share dua-tiga kerat pasal Infinite Facts. Seriously korang semua akan ketawa dengan fakta atau mungkin auta yang menarik mengenai abe-abe IMPINITEU kami ini :D

Remember that you have been warned before scrolling on this post :D 

  • These guys almost did not debut by the name 'INFINITE', but instead it was going to be names like Supersonic, I-POP, or Blackberry.
  • The members have a rule that doesn't allow other members to look through their cellphones.
  • INFINITE members have dance 'training' schedules for an average of 10 hours or more per day, and before their comebacks they practice for about 18 hours.
  • INFINITE can't 'expose' themseleves because Sungjong is too thin and Sungyeol has abdominal fat.
  • INFINITE had to film for the music video of BTD [Before the Dawn] when the temperature outside was -17 degrees.
  • When asked to choose between Hyuna or Krystal, all members chose Krystal except for Sungjong and Woohyun who chose Hyuna.
  • Did you know that Sunggyu successfully persuaded Dongwoo into letting him read his diary/journal because he thought that it would be filled with philosophical things since Dongwoo wrote raps and lyrics? Well, Leader Gyugyu was wrong. Dongwoo only wrote about what he had for lunch and how his day (schedule) was.
  • Infinite began studying Japanese even before their Korean debut ? They wanted to get a head start in the Japanese language in order to break into the Japanese market.
  • Did you know that if an apocalypse (end of the world) were to happen, Dongwoo would say goodbye to his family and go to sleep so he wouldn't know that it happened, L and Woohyun would plant and tree, and Sungjong would pray?
  • Did you know that L's dream proposal is to just ask his girlfriend, in the most sincere voice, "Will you marry me?" *aawwwww :3
  • Did you know that is Jaws were to come and attack the members, and they can only save one member first, Dongwoo would tell the members to kill Jaws and eat him together, Sungyeol would say that they should all die together instead of saving one member only, Sungjong would save Dongwoo because he can't swim, Hoya would find a way to save everyone, and Sunggyu would save the magnae first ! *Sayang jugak si Gyu ni dengan Sungjong =_=
  • Did you know that if the members girlfriend of their life having a plastic surgery beauty & bald, Hoya would be okay with the plastic surgery but plant some hair on top of his girlfriend's head, Dongwoo would notice his girlfriend try to hide her baldness but instead, he would tell her that she's even prettier when she's bald, and Sungyeol and Sungjong would be more than okay with her because it is someone they love. *Tapi Malaysian Inspiriteu tak buat plastic surgery. Lol
  • Did you know that if the members were locked up in a room by a stranger, Sungyeol would escape and plot revenge on them, Dongwoo would try to logically compromise with them but if it doesn't work, he would make them laugh so they can feel better and let him go, and L would just scream "OPEN UP!!!"
  • Did you know that if Dongwoo would write a Valentines Day letter, he would put "Thanks for meeting a guy like me, instead of the chocolates that everyone else gives, take me." So sweeeeeeeeet <3
  • Did you know that if the members can only remember one thing for the rest of their lives, Dongwoo wouldn't want to forget himself, Woohyun wants to remember the day when inspirits sang as one and made him cry, Hoya, Sungyeol, and Sunggyu wants to remember everyone they love.
  •  Did you know that Sungyeol got mad at L because he didn't want to stratch Yeolie's back? He felt like dying from the itch. *Love-hate relationship ? Lol
  • Did you know that Hoya's favorite color is purple? The first thing he does in the morning in put on purple clothes and he has a a lot of purple things in his bag. So, his habit he wants to break is only liking one color (purple) *Macam mana nak buang habit tu kalau dah suka gila gila ? Obses k XD
  •  Did you know that Dongwoo not only compares himself to a dinosaur, donkey and a horse but also to ostriches, pterodactyls, giraffes, and goldfishes. 
  • Did you know that Woohyun's and Sungyeol's dream proposal is to propose on worldwide television? Hoya compose a song for her and sing it to her. Sunggyu would buy a private plane and go on a private vacation just them two. Dongwoo would borrow a small boat and when the timing is right, he'll confess his love. Sungjong would go to a mt. summit and knell down and propose to her. *Kenapa Inpiniteu ni sweet sangat ? T_T

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