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“We’re also like a combined set of presents. If you fall for one member, we’re sure you’ll fall for the rest of us. It’d be so nice if fans fought over who they liked more. If we continue to think preciously of our fans and work hard to improve ourselves, maybe someday people will remember us.”- Infinite

Kata-kata Abe Sunggyu

“Our name, Infinite, means ‘limitless’. We never put a restriction on our

 possibilities, and we will always improve.” 

“Infinite really fits well with one another, whether its dancing or anything else.

 They shine when they’re together. I feel good and proud as a leader and hyung”

"While preparing for this solo album, I feel it the most, the presence of members are really valuable to me"

"People always say we are too loud everywhere we go, this is the real talkative ^^ Even we’re seeing each other everyday in the same dorm, but we still have a lot of to say."

"Talking to the members and finishing the day is becoming my daily routine too."

"We’re always together even to eat near the dorm, if one person is missing, we’ll call him “Come here quickly! Lets eat!”"

"I feel less lonely during my solo album activity because the members are always beside me observing me. Especially when I filmed the MV, the members were there together (with me) until the dawn. I cant express how thankful I am."

"Dongsaengs!! I’m always thankful These last 4 years, from unknown relationship, we gathrered, like matching every piece of puzzles, one by one, and finally we made it into a perfect picture."

"As a leader, I always think of “it’s 7 people” instead of being first in Infinite."

"I’m lacking in many ways but thank you for always following me and trust me, lets be together, like always."

"The moment I shine the most, as Infinite. Lets try to shine even more in the future too! Dont forget that mind, lets continue to move forward!! Fighting!!"

“I think that if I’m really a man, I need to have a firm dream to take care of my future.”

“Let’s not lose our main focus and always work hard like we have been doing and let’s not act arrogant in front of others.”

  “I want to be part of Infinite until I die.”

“It’s all thanks to you guys that we, Infinite, are able to smile while singing.”

  “We will think of Inspirits and put more effort in, then show everyone our 

improving sides.”

  “As much love as our fans give us, we want to show our fans a better image of  

ourselves in returning the favor.”

  “We’re thankful for our fans that look out for us beside us to the point where we 

feel that we don’t deserve it.”

  “I apologize to the fans, but I love the members more. It’s something I can’t 


 “someone asked if L & I were brothers when standing next to one another. It was 

my 1st time hearing it, but I felt good”

 “For me, ‘Nothing’s Over’ is the most memorable”

  “L always makes fun of my part in the choreography.”

 “Honestly, I think the bright image (Nothing’s Over) is awkward. I think I’m more 

comfortable with the masculine image”

 Your last day w/ the person you love. “Take her hand in mine & watch the waves. — I’ll shout that I love her” /OMG i'm dying here/

  “because there’s all of you that love us, I think we can gain more strength and 

promote our best.”

  “There was a time where I really liked this person, but I thought it would become

 hard for them so I let them go.”  /cries/

 “I want to sing a R&B song while playing the piano and do rock songs with a band.”

 Q: What is the first thing you want to do once you get a girlfriend? “I want to hold 

her tightly in my arms” /your girlfriends are Inspirits/

 The moment you fall in love with a woman is? “When a woman that looks perfect and cold, shows a fault” /#TeamBiniBiniSunggyu, TAKE NOTE/

 “If I didn’t become a singer, I would really be someone without a job.” 

 “if there’s any part we need to fix, we always look to see if there’s a way for us to

 go forth one step.”

 “-a goal I really want to make true is to be on the same stage as Epik High and Nell hyungs”

 “When I see fans in front of our dorm and following us to schedules in taxis, I feel 

like we’ve become celebrities.”

by ; weenjoe

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