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Kata-kata Abe Myungsoo

hai abe =_=

 His motto : "Enjoy this moment right now"

“There’s nothing special meaning, I like something on “L” letter. “L” of “Lovely”,”L” of “Lion”…you can make more imagination, so I like it. It’s like a chameleon.”

“Because there are Inspirits, there’s Infinite and because there’s Infinite, there are Inspirits. Infinite Infinite!! You’ll watch over us till the end, right? ^^ 

“If I were to say another one, idols, from what I know of, seem to promote with one member being the top. However, Infinite isn’t like that. All seven members receive the spotlight and there isn’t a member that’s left behind. That’s the strategy in being different, isn’t it?”

“In order to become Infinite, I didn’t give up anything else. I earned my members.”

"Everything and every moment is very special.”

“The more we perform, we will get more people to know our names and showed 

an improved side of us.”

“I want to show an upgraded side of myself at any point. That’s why I keep on 


 The reason you don't have a girlfriend right now is?? "If i knew the reason, then i 

probably wouldn't be like this"

“If I had a girlfriend, in Japan, we’d go to Disney Land and in the night I’d want to show her night view from top of Tokyo Tower. In Korea we’d play in Lotte World and climb up Soul Tower. It’s the same either in Japan or Korea,”

source : http://ificouldflyyyy.tumblr.com/

[BONUS] Myungyeol moment 

Q: Then if you were to give a present of thanks to one of the members?
  • Myungsoo: I’ll give Sungyeol my friendship as a gift. You won’t decline, right?
  • Sungyeol: Then I’ll go further and give L my friendship.

Kata-kata Abe Sungjong

“Myungsoo hyung is a pineapple. Course on the outside, Sweet on the inside.”

“I don’t dislike my feminine image, but I don’t really like it either.” 

“When I dance the choreographies to girl groups, my competitive side comes out” 

The Infinite that Sungjong sees? “Always happy and bright.”

“Infinite means “no limit” in English. Like this word, the members all want to 

extend forward with no limit.”

“Dongwoo hyung is the mom and Sunggyu hyung is the dad. We’re really a family.” 

 “Because my part is especially short, I practice in order to give a strong 


“There is no limit to sexy dances.”

“The youngest position is fun & comfortable.”

“The hyungs try to care for me really well, and they tell me things I don’t know 


“I have a brother who’s 3 years younger than me so I became the youngest for the 

first time.” 

 “I really liked the feeling of dancing at my school festival so I starting dreaming 

about becoming a singer.” 

The biggest thing I could do for the woman I love is? “Take care of her by her side

 when she’s sick!”

A thing you dislike the most: “Woohyun-hyung’s lies”

 “A person with a cold appearance but a warm heart is a true man.”

“Don’t you think a mature person who has a sense of responsibility and accounts for

 his actions is also a real man?”

 “An opportunity only comes once; think of it as the last chance.”

“Don’t give up even if it’s difficult and it’s important to live accountably.” 

“If you stand on stage and give it all you’ve got, like it’s the last time, you will

 have no regrets.”

How do you keep your baby skin? “You must get a good night’s rest and must always

 be positive and optimistic”

“I studied what real masculinity was through noir movies and male magazines. The

 hyungs’ advice helped too.”

What’s the proposal of your dreams? “At a mountain summit, I’m going to kneel and

 propose to her.” / >.</

“Leader hyung has aegyo surprisingly. When he’s tough, he’s tough, but he also has

 a lot of aegyo. He’s the best man ever.”

A drama or movie you like? “The drama “Stairway to Heaven.” I cried a lot.”

Your ideal type? “Someone who is chubby and cute.”

“Having the hyungs gives me courage and I feel like I have a depenedent figure.” 

“I gave up friends, a personal life, and the food my parents. Instead, I achieved my 


“I want to dance with Beyonce.”

“My appearance complex is my chin.”

The group ‘INFINITE’ to you. “Life itself. I can’t live without Infinite”

Weaknesses? “Too innocent”

“To hurry up and grow, I eat orange juice and kimbap”

Your favorite songs in your MP3 player? “All of Infinite’s songs”

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