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Kata-kata Abe Dongwoo

“Yesterday is only today’s memory and tommorow is today’s dream. Let’s do our best.”

“It’s really important for you to understand what it is that you want to do. It would be good if you led your own life path and didn’t follow what another person says. Also, never forget that health is the most important thing.”

“He (Dongwoo) always approaches people with a large heart because he thinks that no matter how immature someone is, if you lead them well, they will be sorry for their faults one day.” --Interviewer

 DongWoo’s favorite quote is “The thing we think it’s alright will be alright”

Kata-kata Abe Woohyun

“Imagine and dream. Then the world will change to how you want it to be”

“A Kim Sunggyu without me [Woohyun] is like chopsticks without a spoon, thread without a needle, a kite without a string!” /Inspirits without Nam Woohyun is like a tree without roots/

"What are hormones? I know what Digimon is but not hormones.”

Hyung (Sunggyu), now you’re my slave,"

“I get 2 responses when I confess my love to fans at fansignings, either they will play 

along or they will say “What is this kid?”

“When I’m about to buy something, my mind suddenly twists and I tell myself, “Let’s 

just save this money and help mom and dad.”

"You may not know it at first, but you have to keep watching me. The 

more you look at me, the handsomer i get"

"Anti-fans are fans too. It is okay because we just need to change their hearts"

"Sungyeol has the most childish image. If Sunggyu-hyung did it, it would have turned 

into a documentary." /LOL woohyun-ssi/

(talking about L) "But during trainee years, he seemed like the character L in Death 


You have to see me at least four times to really get a feel of who I am.”

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