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Kata-kata Abe Hoya

“Infinite means our potential is limitless"

"I was always alone on Valentine’s day. My first time to fall in love was in 

  “Even the staff acknowledged it, truthfully I am the funniest. However, it’s sad 

because I get edited out on broadcasts a lot”

“Honestly I thought a lot about being a dancer or a singer. I love dancing more than 


 “The person I’m envious of is Dongwoo hyung. His personality is always positive”

 “If I had to give myself a rating on my looks, it would be a 99 out of 100. I think

 that you need to be confident in yourself”

If I had to introduce myself in a couple of words? “I’m Hoya, who’s manly and 


The biggest thing I could do for the woman I love is?  “To only look at one woman”

 "If I fall in love, I become shy."

A present you want to give or receive on Valentine’s Day? “A heart”  /sweeeeettttt/

 "I want to do a special stage that I can’t on broadcast”

 "The scorpion dance is a difficult dance, where we had to practice for 18 hours a 

day to match the breathing.”

“A couple of fans said that I look like Joo Geolryoon” 

 To fans : “I’ll show you our side of becoming the best, promise that you’ll be with us 

forever! I love you~”

 To fans: “Even though there’s nothing I’ve done, you unconditionally love me”

 To fans: “when I wanted to give up, you rose me up, I won’t ever be able to forget


Your last day with the person you love. “I want to grant all of that person’s wishes.”

“To save money, I did it at a cheap place and my scalp ended up hurting so much, 

that I couldn’t even lay down”

 “Since I was in charge of the rapping and choreography, they told me to get 


“And along with having the dreads, they told me I had to wear a hairband.”

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Kata-kata Abe Sungyeol

“Woohyun gave me some advice and asked me, ‘Hey, what kind of clothes are those’. But that’s something I wanted to say to Woohyun!!”

“Sunggyu hyung has already begun to open his eyes about sex~ [After picking up a book Sunggyu is reading called Obscenity and Violence, a history behind human instinct and impulse through sex]”

“We’re old, so our movements aren’t flexible.”

"Myungsoo is so cute, you could die. Really.”

"practice is for myself, and not something that others ask me to do. It’s the road I chose, can’t give up even if I’m tired."

“Mum, where do we live? Tell me our address” /keke lol i miss this moment/

[BONUS] Wooyeol Moment  

“what do you spend your time doing when you don’t have schedules?”

Sungyeol’s answer: thinking of you ♥

WH: So you’re always thinking of Inspirits at home?

SY: When I’m asleep…when I’m awake…

WH: Oh really? Even when you’re eating?

SY: ….You were the one who taught me all of this!

by ; weenjoe

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