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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo!

Wah lamanya cik minmin tak bersua muka kat blog ni. Tsk tsk kesian tau dah berhabuk. Admin blog semuanya busy ye sekarang termasuk cik minmin hehe curi masa sekejap nak update sikit rindu lah =_=

Tahniah kenapa? Tahniah sebab followers blog kita dah mencecah 100 lebih sekarang! Terima kasih kerana menyokong blog ni /throw your bias's heartssss\ Tahniah kenapa? Tahniah sebab comeback INFINITE yang daebak macam selalu! Tahniah kenapa? Tahniah sebab views mv Man In Love sekarang ni dah mencapai 1 000 000++ aigoo chukahae oppas! ^^ Hope dapat meningkat and meningkat lagi ye!

"Man In Love" is a softer style for INFINITE. Eighties-inspired synths, guitars and drum machines make up the track, but super producer Sweetune updates the sounds to be a hit for today. There is a euphoric and lifting feeling for the instrumentation and vocals to work in tandem with the theme of the song: the emotions of being in love. The solo lines are divided more equally compared to most groups who hoard more lines for stronger vocalists or more popular members.
The music video further reminds K-pop fans of INFINITE's unique charms. Their impressive choreography is, of course, present, but INFINITE shows their special flair with a different take on a popular K-pop dance style. INFINITE takes the "panorama dance" (seen in the choreography to SHINee’s "Sherlock," After School’s "Flashback" and f(x)'s "Jet") and put their own spin on it with Woohyun breaking out of the panorama to sing his second solo.
A remarkable note of the video comes with the abundance of glamorous shots of the boys. There is over a minute devoted to the end of the video of handsome clips of the boys with the song replaying. The seven members are unique in the vain world of K-pop idols (leader Sunggyu has admitted insecurities about his looks and Dongwoo introduced himself to readers as "INFINITE's sharp eyes"), so reminding K-pop fans what makes INFINITE unique visually was a nice touch.
A fantastic 2011 and early 2012 gave INFINITE the means to try solo and sub-unit ventures in late 2012 and early 2013. "Man In Love" is a welcome move from Woollim Entertainment to remind K-pop fans of the specific charms that make INFINITE one of the biggest groups today to move on to such ventures. Seeing the song come to life on music programs will also help this goal. One hopes with INFINITE's next single that we see further growth from the group to solidify why they can compete with other top-tier male groups despite being from a smaller company.

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