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Assalamualaikum and annyeong!

Kali ni cik minmin kembali menemani anda di kala sepi! lol *tiup habuk kat blog* Actually cik minmin baru je tahu pasal kes ni sebab cik minmin dah deactive twitter untuk sementara waktu. Sedih lah :(

since many of you (on twitter) asked me what happen to sunggyu i will try to sum up everything.
so firstly, you know that sunggyu is one of the member for show “The Genius" right, to let you know the right info first, the show “force" the casts to do everything to be the winner. mind game and tricks and betrayals, including to sly and cunning, in short, be “an asshole" and you will win. as you know sunggyu won 1 like 2/3 weeks ago, the other members also praise sunggyu for being the brain and also the best at betraying. its all just for broadcast and game purpose.
second, TvN decided to post a BTS (behind the scene) thats just a little cut. in the BTD video, the atmosphere was tense, park eunji told sangmin about living as a 30 yrs old. in the conversation sunggyu said "She’s a yomul (regarding that she’s 30 yrs old already)"
yomul is a korean word that is hard to translate to english but more or less it means “wicked" or in english term it can be like “that woman is a witch"
k-netizens (as always) making this a huge deal though sunggyu didnt mean it that way. he didnt mean to say that all 30 years old woman are wicked. also, its not like he said that because he’s sexist but this is for the game purpose.
woollim immediately release lots of statement and apologies to many news source. (which i’m glad bc woollim decided to take action and take responsibility for their artists unlike other company who will keep silent and let it died without explanation)
also, sunggyu tweeted after that to apologize.
sunggyu take all the blame to himself to which he said “this is not controversy or misunderstanding but rather its completely my fault" he also express his sincere apology to everyone who got hurt but his words and he will reflect.
this hurts me a lot bc its not even sunggyu’s fault in the first place (yes saying that thing is not right but overall its bc of the game situation) that he blame everything to himself. but at the same time im so proud of him. sunggyu may not be the best leader but he throw away his dignity and apologized publicly bravely. it takes a lot of courage to do that. mad respect for sunggyu.
later on, after woollim’s apologies, sunggyu’s apology, TvN also release statement and apology that its 100% team production’s fault and also apologized to sunggyu and everyone. (good they apologized but too late you shouldnt have posted it in the first place knowing this will become an issue)
and also about infinite is not on the list as the participant of Kpop Dream 2013 anymore, i am still not sure did they remove infinite because of this sunggyu issues or not.
i just hope this issue can pass quickly, but reporters didnt make article or any news about sunggyu’s apology at all (fuck u too reporters).
also, lots of people still dont understand the whole situation and blame sunggyu and even call him names (please stop)
lastly, you guys can read this too:
it’s sungyeolbias’ admin post which also important you guys need to read :)
(im not sungyeolbias admin anyway, i dont have any fanbase)

can u guys do me a favor by spreading this so people will know the whole situation. thanks in advance :)

Gyu-ah please don't take it too serious T.T Stay strong. Inspirits love you 

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